Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden - CRTD

DFG Research Center and Cluster of Excellence at the TU Dresden

The molecular biosciences provide unique prospects to enhance tissue and organ regeneration. Our goal is to develop advanced treatments for haemato-oncological, neurodegenerative, diabetic, bone, and cardiovascular diseases.

Dresden has outstanding expertise in the life science disciplines (medicine, molecular cell- and developmental biology, stem cell research, genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics) and engineering (tissue engineering, biomaterials science, chemistry, nanotechnology), providing a fertile ground for a broad interdisciplinary effort towards developing regenerative therapies. Over 150 partners from science, economy, administration, culture, and finance from Biopolis, an innovative network for biomedical research. Scientific integration and synergy within the Biopolis is facilitated by the close location of participating institutes.

The DFG Research Center and Cluster of Excellence at the TU Dresden is capitalizing on basic and clinical research in regenerating model organisms and in patients to understand stem cell recruitment, activation, proliferation, homing and differentiation, and will apply this knowledge to control these cellular processes using genetics, surface engineering and micro devices in order to elicit regenerative responses.


Last Modified: 30/05/2016