Mike O. Karl - Retinal Development and Regeneration

1996-2004 MD, Univ. Hamburg, Germany

1999-2002 Doctoral Thesis, Univ. Hamburg, Germany

2002-2004 Junior Research Fellow, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA

2004-2005 Research Assistant, Univ. Hamburg, Germany

2005-2009 Postdoctoral Work with Thomas A. Reh, University of Washington, Seattle, USA

since 2010 Group Leader CRTD

Previous and current research

Our lab current and future research foci encompass the study of retinal development and regeneration, retinal diseases and retinal repair. I am interested in retinal cells throughout their life, from embryonic stem cells to retinal progenitors to differentiating and mature neurons and glia – with an eye on neuronal regeneration (meaning de-novo neurogenesis) in the adult mammalian retina. The major strategy will be to gain new insight in seminal processes of retinal development, regeneration and degeneration with the objective to develop strategies for neuronal protection and repair.


Future prospects and goals

Future research will be focused on, but not limited to, (1) the study of retinal progenitor cell physiology and signaling of cell proliferation, differentiation and survival; (2) control of glia cell activation and proliferation; (3) and dissection of genetic and molecular pathways that are involved in regulating and /or limiting neuronal regeneration.


Selected Publications

Karl M.O., Hayes S, Nelson B.R., Tan K., Buckingham B. and Reh T.A.(2008) Stimulation of neural regeneration in the mouse. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 105(49):19508-13.

Lamba D., Karl M.O. and Reh T.A. (2008) Neuronal Regeneration and Replacement: A view from the Eye. Cell Stem Cell 2: 538-549. (Review)

Lamba D., Karl M.O. and T. Reh (2006). Efficient generation of retinal progenitor cells from human embryonic stem cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 22;103(34):12769-74.

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