CRTD Kerngruppen


Marius Ader (Cell Replacement in the Mammalian Retina)

Christopher Antos  (Appendage and Organ Regeneration in Zebrafish)

Christian Bökel  (Stem Cell Niches in Drosophila)

Ezio Bonifacio (Preclinical approaches to stem cell therapy / Diabetes)

Michael Brand (Patterning and Regeneration of the Vertebrate Brain)

Volker Busskamp (Engineering synthetic human neuronal circuits)

Federico Calegari (Neural Stem Cells in the Mammalian Brain)

Mike O. Karl (Retinal Development and Regeneration)

Gerd Kempermann (Genomics of Regeneration)

Karsten Kretschmer (Molecular and Cellular Immunology / Immune Regulation)

Caghan Kizil (Mechanisms of Induced Plasticity of the Brain)

Nikolay Ninov (β-cell biology and regeneration)

Sophie Pautot  (3D Stem Cell Culture Systems)

Michell Reimer (Regulation of developmental and regenerative processes in the spinal cord)

Stephan Speier (Islet Cell Regeneration)

Jared Sterneckert (iPS Cells and Neurodegenerative Disease)

Elly Tanaka (Animal Models of Regeneration)



Last modified: 22/07/2014