TU Dresden


3rd Biopolis PhD Symposium

für Forscher

Datum:25/03/2019, 09:00 - 19:00
Sprecher: Dr. Maximina Yun, Dr. Mike Thompson
Gastgeber: DIPP - Dresden International PhD Program

Within this one-day Symposium, students from all stages of their PhD come together to share their ideas and get to know each other. The overall goal is to establish connections and communication between the PhD students of Biopolis Dresden.

The Symposium will focus on the projects of your fellow students, and end with a poster session where we can discuss research and get feedback. The afternoon session will focus on different career strategies.We will also have two vision talks, one from academia and one from industry. So, if you want to get tips on successful career development, insight into how to get a position in industry or continue an academic research career, please join us!