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Spatial Genomics: in situ transcriptome profiling by RNA seqFISH+

CMCB Life Sciences Seminar

Datum:04/06/2020, 17:00 - 18:00
Sprecher: Long Cai, California Institute of Technology
Ort: Zoom Video Conferencing
Gastgeber: Nikolay Ninov

Link to the conference -  Meeting ID: 961 6566 0841, Password: 0X=V&s


Imaging the transcriptome in situ with high accuracy has been a major challenge in single cell biology, particularly hindered by the limits of optical resolution and the density of transcripts in single cells. We developed seqFISH+, that can image the mRNAs for 10,000 genes in single cells with high accuracy and sub-diffraction-limit resolution, in the mouse brain cortex, subventricular zone, and the olfactory bulb, using a standard confocal microscope. The transcriptome level profiling of seqFISH+ allows unbiased identification of cell classes and their spatial organization in tissues. In addition, seqFISH+ reveals subcellular mRNA localization patterns in cells and ligand-receptor pairs across neighboring cells. This technology demonstrates the ability to generate spatial cell atlases and to perform discovery-driven studies of biological processes in situ.

5 most important publications:

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