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Scientific Events

Stem Cell Conference

In the widespread network of the CRTD, communication within the scientific community is essential to foster collaborations and activities amongst scientists. In order to strengthen and facilitate the exchange of ideas and cooperation between established groups of the CRTD network and newly recruited groups, we have established several activities within the CRTD:

  • Research Area Symposia
  • Summer Conference
  • CRTD Core Group Retreat
  • CRTD Member Retreat
  • CRTD/BIOTEC PhD and Postdoc Seminars
  • CRTD/BIOTEC External Speaker Seminar (Green Seminar)

Furthermore, the CRTD regularly hosts international meetings, such as the International Congress on Stem Cells and Tissue Formation, the international ABCAM conference on adult neurogenesis, and the International Symposia ISSCR Regional Forum.

Public Events


UniStem Day & Girls'Day 2016

Top-level research is impossible without qualified young academics. The DFG Research Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden – Cluster of Excellence at the TU Dresden (CRTD) provides special offers for students in order for them to become acquainted with research and scientists from the fields of biomedicine and life science.

Students are able to talk to scientists, look over their shoulders, or sometimes even participate in hands-on experiments. There are a variety of events organized by the CRTD:

  • Girls‘ Day
    During this nationwide event, schoolgirls get to know various occupational profiles and the research performed here at the institute. The schoolgirls also conduct small experiments.

    Contact: Friederike Braun

  • Summer University of the TU Dresden
    In the science hub of Dresden, prospective students gain insight into the study, research and occupational fields within MINT subjects.

    Contact: Friederike Braun, Eric Mildner

  • School Project "Science goes to school!”
    The DIPP School Project “Science goes to school” is a platform where multinational teams of researchers offer biology workshops with hands-on experiments at Dresden schools.

    Contact: Anja Glenk

  • UniStemDay
    The UniStem Day aims to equip students with knowledge about the current status as well as the development and potential of stem cell research in Germany.

    Contact: Annette Garbe

Broad Public

Stem cell science holds great potential to deliver significant benefits for human healthcare. As an emerging field with a wide range of clinical applications, it has become an increasingly prominent topic of media interest. The general public is interested in finding out more about the work we do and what is possible in terms of translating research into regenerative therapies. In addition to providing hope for the development of novel therapies for, so far, incurable diseases, the field of regenerative therapies also generates ethical concerns. An open dialog can offer new insights for both the general public and scientists.

Through events for the public we seek to share the fascination of scientific discoveries with the interested audience. We and our partners organize activities for key audiences such as pupils, teachers, patients, policymakers, journalists, and other interested groups. These activities include:

  • Dresden Night of Sciences
    Each year, the CRTD is part of the Dresden Long Night of Sciences. From 6 pm - 1 am, the CRTD together with the BIOTEC, B CUBE and other partners (like the PLID) offer a varied program including presentations, talks and hands-on activities.

    Contact: Friederike Braun

  • Retina Information Day
    This information day comprises talks on current research topics and information booths on retinal degeneration.

    Contact: Katrin Boes

  • Dresden Seniors Academy
    The Seniors Academy comprises educational opportunities in the form of lectures and seminars for elderly citizens. It, for example, aims at strengthening the communication, judgement competence, media competence and Europe-competence of elderly citizens.

    Contact: Friederike Braun

  • Dresdner Aktionstag Demenz
    This information and action day takes place for the first time in 2017. The program offers an opportunity for exchange of dialogue and information (by/with e.g. authorities, self-help groups and care facilities) and also includes talks by researchers.

    Contact: Friederike Braun