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13th CRTD Summer Conference on Regenerative Medicine

CRTD summer conferences for Scientists

Date:28/06/2019, 09:00 - 17:15
Speaker:Prof. Yukiko Gotoh, Prof. Jan van Deursen, Dr. Mareike Albert, Prof. Gerd Kempermann, Nambirajan Govindarajan, Prof. Ezio Bonifacio
Location: CRTD
Host: Dr. Maximina Yun and Dr. Nikolay Ninov

CRTD Summer conference program

9:00 Welcome by the director and the organisers

9:10 - 9:40 New at CRTD
Gene regulatory mechanisms of neocortex development andevolution, Dr Mareike Albert

Coffee break and exhibitors quiz

10:00 - 12:00 Science communication masterclass and flash talks
How to write a 'perfect paper', Prof Gerd Kempermann

CMCB Facilities

Get your research funded, Nambirajan Govindarajan


The 10 minute oral scientific presentation - tips, tricks andsurvival (with distinction), Prof Ezio Bonifacio

Invited posters

12:00 - 14:30 Lunch and Poster session

Exhibitors quiz

14:30 - 15:10 Academic debate

Coffee break and quiz prizes

15:30 - 17:00 Global expertise and discoveries

Regulation of neural progenitor fate during development, Prof Yukiko Gotoh, University of Tokyo

How senescent cells drive aging and age-related disease, Prof Jan van Deursen, Mayo Clinic

17:00 - 17:15 Poster awards and concluding remarks

17:15 CMCB Summer Party

For more information, check out our conference website, which is regularly updated and allows you to register as well as upload a poster abstract:

Registration: This year, your registration comes with the chance to take part in our exhibitors quiz. Get in touch with our sponsors and win some cool prizes! Registration will be open until June 19.

Postercall: We are looking forward to discuss your new research findings. So in order to foster scientific exchange, please submit your poster abstract by April 30. Please note that you will have to register on the website first. The abstract will be limited to 2.000 characters including space (not including title, authors and affiliations). Please state, if your poster should be evaluated to be presented as flash talk (1-2 minutes) in the morning session. Don’t miss the chance to reach out and attract people to your poster! We will inform you asap, whether your poster is accepted.
In case you have questions – do not hesitate to contact us via summerconference2019[at]