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2018 Humboldt Professorships awarded: Top researcher Prof. Dr. Michael Sieweke joins CRTD as research group leader

Prof. Dr. Michael Sieweke © CRTD

Cultured macrophages seen from above © Laurent Vanhille

The TU Dresden and the Center for Regenerative Therapies TU Dresden (CRTD) have won Michael Sieweke, an internationally renowned immunologist, for research into new therapeutic approaches in regenerative medicine. After working in the USA and France, Sieweke is now conducting research in Dresden.

Ten Alexander von Humboldt professorships will be awarded on May 8 in Berlin. With five million euros each, this is Germany's highest endowed research prize that brings top international researchers to German universities. With Prof. Michael Sieweke, TU Dresden and CRTD have now successfully achieved this. The awards will be presented at a ceremony by the Federal Minister of Education and Research Anja Karliczek and the President of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Hans-Christian Pape. Prof. Dr. Michael Sieweke will receive a Humboldt Professorship, which he hopes to dedicate to research into declining tissue regeneration in old age. His research group at the CRTD focuses on the interface between immunology and stem cell research. The so-called macrophages play an outstanding role here. These are long-lived cells of the immune system that play an important role in tissue renewal. He is investigating how these cells develop, renew themselves and maintain tissue function in various organs. In doing so, he hopes to find out how healthy ageing is possible. Since macrophages occur in every organ of the body, this is of broad importance for many diseases of old age, such as dementia or cardiovascular and lung diseases.

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