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08.07.2020 News

A good feeling from day one

from right: Angela Hommel, Nicole Zubizarreta, Prof. Berner, Ruth Blechschmidt, Sari Arabi, Eddie and his parents © Stephan Wiegand

Shortly after birth, risk factors for the development of type 1 diabetes were discovered in Eddie as part of the Freder1k study. The risk that Eddie could develop this autoimmune and metabolic disease was thus 25 times higher. One chance to prevent the development of the disease was the participation in the POInT study (Primary Oral Insulin Trial). There it is being tested whether the administration of insulin trains the immune system of very young children with diabetes risk genes and thus prevents the development of the disease – so that Eddie can start life without any restrictions. That was almost three years ago. Today Eddie laughs and plays like all his kindergarten friends. "From day one, we had a very good feeling that our child is in best hands here at the Dresden University Hospital. The scientists at TU Dresden have always given us excellent advice and were always approachable," says Eddie's mother today.

Meanwhile, already 107 children are participating in Dresden in the international POInT study. In total, 188 places are available here. With Eddies visit today, the phase of insulin intake is completed. "We will continue to see Eddie on a regular basis over the next three years and will carefully monitor him to see if we can actually succeed in preventing the development of diabetes in this way," says Prof. Berner, who, along with Prof. Ezio Bonifacio (CRTD), is the head of the POInT study in Dresden.


Dr. Angela Hommel

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