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CRTD Postdoc Dr. Sara Bragado Alonso wins second place in FameLab Germany 2018 competition

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Ten young research talents competed in Bielefeld to win the FameLab Germany 2018 title. An audience of more than 1,000 science enthusiasts was excited by the insights into a wide variety of research topics. After winning the regional competition in Dresden, CRTD Postdoc Dr. Sara Bragado Alonso (Calegari lab) now came second in the FameLab Germany Finale in Bielefeld. In her presentation she walked the audience through one of evolution's best-kept secrets: the strategy followed to make the human brain unique in nature. She explained how the decisions made by brain stem cells, the mothers of all neurons, have tremendous consequences on brain complexity and how could we use the wisdom of evolution to our advantage. "Participating in the FameLab Finale was an incredible experience. It was really exciting seeing hundreds of people enjoying science like that! Also, FameLab it is a great opportunity for anonymous scientists like me, to talk about their work and get experience on the science communication field", Sara Bragado Alonso explains.

FameLab is the world’s leading science communication competition. Participants have just three minutes to win over the judges and crowd with a scientific talk that excels for its content, clarity and charisma.

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