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CRTD Postdoc Sara Bragado Alonso wins regional heat of “FameLab Germany” in Dresden

Dr. Sara Bragado Alonso © CRTD

Dr. Sara Bragado Alonso, Postdoc in the lab of Prof. Dr. Federico Calegari, won the regional heat of the "FameLab Germany" in Dresden. Both the jury and the audience awarded her first place.

FameLab is one of the biggest science communication competitions in the world. The participants are asked to explain a scientific concept to a general audience in just three minutes. The preliminary decisions took place in 5 cities in Germany: Dresden, Karlsruhe, Berlin/Potsdam, Bielefeld and Regensburg. As the winner of the Dresden one, Sara Bragado will participate in a 2-days communications- and media training Mid-April, which will prepare her for the final of the "FameLab Germany" in Bielefeld on May 14.

"The FameLab experience was great, I met very nice people and it was a lot of fun! But especially, I think that an important part of science is getting it to the general public and seeing how people enjoyed it was very rewarding. This prize means a lot to me because I want to develop my career in the direction of science communication and I hope this experience is the push I need to achieve it", says Sara Bragado Alonso.

Video of Sara Bragado's presentation

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