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21.03.2019 News

CRTD research featured on the cover of EMBO Journal is highlighted by the scientific community

Cover of EMBO Journal

Cover of EMBO Journal

The group of Prof. Federico Calegari shows that boosting stem cells gives extra neurons to the brain and turns ordinary mice into "super-smellers". Improving the function of a healthy brain, a similar approach is likely to be beneficial in neurodegenerative diseases, as Sara Bragado Alonso, first author of the study, explains in this video.

The article, published in EMBO Journal, features the cover of the current issue and has been highlighted by several media. Among them, Nature Magazine has echoed the news emphasizing the work in their Research Highlights section and Embo Journal itself dedicated a News & Views.

"Evolution gave mice an extremely sensitive olfactory system. It is amazing that by adding few neurons we could improve something that seemed already close to perfection", states Prof. Federico Calegari. "This study sets the basis for our research, which now is focused on finding out whether we could apply our strategy as a therapeutic approach in neurodegenerative models."