TU Dresden


CRTD was part of the 10th edition of the European UniStem Day dedicated to stem cell research outreach


Technological innovations and new discoveries in the field of stem cells: these are some of the topics of the Europe-wide UniStem Day 2018, the largest European outreach event on stem cell research for high school students.

On Friday, March 16, the event simultaneously took place in 10 European countries - with 74 participating universities and research institutes.The CRTD offered a varied program including talks on "The eye, blindness and stem cells", "Stem cells and diabetes", "Normal blood stem cells vs. leukemia stem cells ", "Stem cells in the brain" and "Stem cells in the bone". The 90 participating students also had the chance to choose between different afternoon options (like electron microscopy and bioethics).

Originally conceived at the University of Milan in 2009, the event is an opportunity to foster learning, discovery and debate in the field of stem cell research, thus representing a way to inspire and stimulate interest in science among the younger generation. Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain, Serbia, Sweden, UK are participating for already many years now. Austria and France joined the UniStem Day for the very first time this year.


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