TU Dresden


Diving into the world of research: 14 students from Dresden take part in a 2-week industrial internship


From 19th April to 3rd May 2018 and 16th to 27th April 2018 a total of 14 pupils of the Romain-Rolland Gymnasium Dresden (9th grade) and the vocational school centre 'Ernst Lößnitzer' (11th grade) visited the CRTD for an industrial internship. They went through various stations and conducted small experiments themselves. Teaching Coordinator and organizer Dr. Carolin Noack is enthusiastic: "The students were highly motivated, which forms an optimal basis for absorbing knowledge. We were able to give them various insights into the natural sciences, as well as an introduction to the corresponding methods. And who knows - maybe at some point you will see one or two of them as junior scientists at the CRTD," says Dr. Noack.

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