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Julieta Aprea and Kerstin Lenk are Maria Reiche Mentees 2018/19

Julieta Aprea, Kerstin Lenk © Matías García, CRTD

Julieta Aprea, postdoc in the laboratory of Federico Calegari and Kerstin Lenk, postdoc in the laboratory of Volker Busskamp at the CRTD, are the latest mentees of the Maria Reiche program of the TU Dresden for female habilitants and postdocs. The program provides scholarship holders with the mentoring of an experienced scientist, qualification workshops and networking opportunities. The scholarship has been awarded to outstanding young female scientists at TU Dresden since 2012. Last year, four women of the CRTD were admitted to the Maria-Reiche Mentoring Program. Tatiana Sandoval-Guzmán, one of the Mentees 2017/18, said: "I have only positive things to say, it has helped me a lot. For example, the workshops and networking with people in a situation similar to mine were very useful."

This year Kerstin and Julieta were successfully selected for mentoring. Julieta has been a postdoc at the CRTD since 2015 and has had an open topic postdoc position in the new program of the TU Dresden since 2017. Her research focuses on brain development, especially cortical neurogenesis. Kerstin has been a postdoc at the CRTD since 2016 and focuses her research on bioinformatics and computational neuroscience.