TU Dresden

27.06.2019 News

The POInT study is growing

POInT Summer Party at the CRTD © Kathleen Biermann-Jung

State Secretary Uwe Gaul opened the 1st POInT Summer Party at the CRTD © Kathleen Biermann-Jung

More than a year ago, the Freder1k study was expanded to include the "POInT study: Primary Oral Insulin Trial". This study is being conducted at several locations in Germany and Europe and is no longer concerned only with the early detection of type 1 diabetes, but focuses primarily on its prevention.

So far, 62 families (total study: 267) in Saxony are included in the POInT study. A nice opportunity to celebrate the 1st POInT Summer Party on 26 June at the Center for Regenerative Therapies (CRTD) at the TU Dresden. Together with the families taking part in the POInT study and State Secretary Uwe Gaul, representative of the patron of the Freder1k study State Minister Dr. Stange, the celebration took place in the yard of the research centre.

In bright sunshine, the study team and the speakers Prof. Ezio Bonifacio from the CRTD and Prof. Reinhard Berner from the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus looked back on past achievements, exchanged visions and celebrated together.