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24.01.2019 News

Type 1 diabetes is the spotlight of Germany-wide awareness campaign

Kick-off event in Berlin © Foto: Helmholtz Zentrum München / Dirk Deckbar

A campaign that will cause a stir: since 22 January, "Sche1sstyp" has been prominently displayed in large letters on over 1000 posters throughout Germany. The campaign is intended to draw attention on type 1 diabetes. Prof. Ezio Bonifacio (CRTD, TU Dresden), Prof. Reinhard Berner (Uniklinik Dresden) and Dr. Angela Hommel (CRTD, TU Dresden) took part at the presentation at the kick-off event in Berlin.

Behind this is 'A World Without 1', a large-scale programme dedicated to the early detection and prevention of type 1 diabetes. This form of diabetes is one of the most common metabolic diseases in childhood and adolescence and has not yet been curable. Current studies should help to detect the disease early and prevent an outbreak. With this nationwide awareness campaign, the topic can gain the attention of the general public.

"It fills me with pride that Dresden with its CRTD at TU Dresden and the University Hospital is an important partner for the campaign. Since 2016 with the Freder1k and 2018 with the POInT study we help to come closer to our vision "A World Without 1"," says Prof. Ezio Bonifacio.

A press conference at the Haus der Bundespressekonferenz in Berlin accompanied the official launch of the campaign. Prof. Dr. Anette-Gabriele Ziegler, Director of the Institute for Diabetes Research at Helmholtz Zentrum München, presented the latest research results on behalf of her team. The research into the causes of type 1 diabetes now enables a genetic test that can identify the corresponding risk at an early stage. Further current clinical studies could perhaps help to prevent the outbreak of the disease in the future among the often very young risk carriers.

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