Communication to the outside and and the inside

Part of the scientific mission in the CRTD is also to communicate the scientific progress and results of the center to a broader public, including lay people, journalists, politicians and businessmen. With this open dialog the CRTD wants to enhance the public understanding and awareness of science in general and especially about research in regenerative medicine.

Through events for the public, like for example the yearly Long Night of Science, and through the contact to journalists we want to share the fascination of scientific discoveries with the interested public. Aim of this communication is to translate the often very specialized and detailed issues in science to a generally understandable language. By maintaining an active public relations activity, the CRTD wants to foster a mutual understanding between scientists, journalists, and the broader public.

Besides hope of novel therapies for now incurable diseases, the field of regenerative therapies also generates ethical concern. The open dialog can offer new insights for both, the general public and scientists. The lay public can gain a more realistic understanding of how scientists work and what is possible so far in the research into regenerative therapies. On the other hand, scientists can learn what ethical concerns the public has. 

In addition to the communication to a broader public we think it is important to advance the exchange among scientists of the CRTD. We therefore invest into activities like seminar series, yearly CRTD-retreats, and internal newsletters.  


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