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Endocrine Control of Skeletal & Metabolic Regeneration - Holger Henneicke

We are interested in the endocrine control of degeneration and regeneration during the ageing process. Understanding the hormonal regulation of these processes opens up avenues for therapeutic intervention.

Previous and current research

In the past we have investigated the connection between glucocorticoids and age-related disorders such as osteoporosis and type-2 diabetes. Glucocorticoids are stress hormones produced by the adrenal gland affecting most cells and tissues in the body. At high concentrations glucocorticoids have powerful immunosuppressive properties. Therefore, they are commonly used in clinical medicine, for instance to treat autoimmune disorders. more

Future projects and goals

  • Identification of paracrine or endocrine crosstalk between thermogenic adipose tissue and the skeleton.
  • Examine the role of local glucocorticoid signalling during ageing and age-related diseases.
  • Identify and characterise novel neuroendocrine regulators of skeletal & metabolic homeostasis.
  • Glucocorticoids and the sympathetic nervous system as regulators of skeletal degeneration & regeneration.

Selected publications

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Group Leader

Holger Henneicke, MD PhD