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Two CMCB graduates awarded with 2020 Georg-Helm prize
TU Dresden has recently announced four winners of the 2020 Georg-Helm award. Two of them are Dr. Lara Marrone and Sarah Naomi Bolz - graduates from the Center for Molecular and Cellular... [read more]
Sarah Naomi Bolz and Dr. Lara Marrone ©M.Gonciarz/L.Marrone
Come in and see for yourself!
New photo decorates the CRTD main entrance. [read more]
Felix Wagner in front of his photo © Magdalena Gonciarz
20 years biotechnology initiative in Saxony
15,500 employees, an annual turnover of almost two billion euros, numerous companies and research institutes located mainly in Dresden and Leipzig, international courses of study and two clusters of... [read more]
Saxony's Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer opening the Life Sciences Forum at the CRTD of the TU Dresden looking back on 20 years of Saxony's biotechnology initiative © Magdalena Gonciarz
Meet Laura, the 2020 DIGS-BB Fellow!
The DIGS-BB Fellow Award 2020 went to Laura Celotto (Brand Group, CRTD TU Dresden) and Julia Vorhauser (Mansfeld Group, BIOTEC TU Dresden). The €2,000 award is given to the outstanding PhD students... [read more]
Laura Celotto (Brand Group, CRTD) © Magdalena Gonciarz
Researchers discover protein that plays a key role in the formation of neurons

An international team of researchers, including Dr. Tiwari from Queen’s University Belfast and... [read more]

Neural stem cells in magenta, neuron progenitors in green, neurons in red © Ivan Mestres/CRTD
Studying in the time of pandemic
The Center for Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering (CMCB) closed on March 13th, shortly before the start of the new semester. Nevertheless, the teaching at CMCB continued. [read more]
© Magdalena Gonciarz
And the CRTD Postdoc Award 2020 goes to...
...Dr. Julieta Aprea and Dr. Kenneth Peuker! Congratulations! [read more]
Dr. Julieta Aprea (left) and Dr. Kenneth Peuker (right) © Magdalena Gonciarz
The genetic basis of bats’ superpowers revealed
First six reference-quality bat genomes released and analysed [read more]
Myotis myotis (Greater mouse-eared bat) © Olivier Farcy

Research at the Center for Regenerative Therapies (CRTD) at TU Dresden focuses on discovering principles of cell and tissue regeneration, and leveraging this for recognition, treatment, and reversal of diseases. The CRTD is well positioned for this challenge with its diversity in model organisms, organs, and disease systems and its range of methodological approaches from basic research to validation projects and clinical studies. The CRTD links the bench to the clinic, and scientists to clinicians to bring expertise in stem cells, gene-editing, and regeneration towards innovative therapies for metabolic, osteo-hematological, and neurological diseases.