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Our mission

CRTD Mission

Research at the Center for Regenerative Therapies (CRTD) at TU Dresden focuses on discovering principles of cell and tissue regeneration, and leveraging this for recognition, treatment, and reversal of diseases. The CRTD is well positioned for this challenge with its diversity in model organisms, organs, and disease systems and its range of methodological approaches from basic research to validation projects and clinical studies. The CRTD links the bench to the clinic, and scientists to clinicians to bring expertise in stem cells, gene-editing, and regeneration towards innovative therapies for metabolic, osteo-hematological, and neurological diseases.

Research Focus

The aim of research at the CRTD is to gain a fundamental understanding of stem cell biology and tissue regeneration and to use this knowledge to develop better models for diseases, as well as lay the groundwork for new diagnostics and therapies for human health.

CRTD takes advantage of multiple model organisms with varying regenerative capacities, from zebrafish, to amphibians, to mammals. This enables comparative biological approaches to identify key pro- and anti-regenerative factors and pathways in a given tissue, and these molecular targets can, in turn, be utilized to develop new therapeutic approaches.

Our core interests focus on four research areas:

In each of these research areas, CRTD and its partners in the CRTD Members group conduct basic research to identify novel therapeutic potential and further develop this in translational research projects. As well as providing the basis for testing in clinical research, these programs also generate innovative research tools and strategies for transfer to commerce.

CRTD mission explained (DFG movie clip, YouTube, German language)