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International Office

The International Office provides support with:

  • Visa / Residence Permits
  • Accommodation
  • Insurance
  • Medical Care
  • Culture
  • Language Courses

If you need help with anything else, please contact our coordinator anytime:

International Office
Sandra Mattick, M.A.
Email: sandra.mattick[at]
Phone: +49(0)351 458 82063

  • Visa / Residence Permit

While EU citizens do not require a visa to enter the Federal Republic of Germany, almost all non-EU citizens do. For exceptions to this rule, please check to find out whether your country is exempt: Please note that to work or study here, a tourist visa is not sufficient. Please contact the nearest German embassy for information about the visa application procedure.

Once you have arrived, you need to register as a resident in Dresden and make an appointment with the immigration office to receive your residence permit. Please contact the International Office for help.

For EU citizens, an ID card is sufficient proof of citizenship. Registration as a resident in Dresden is obligatory.

  • Accommodation

As a student, you can apply for a dormitory room at the Studentenwerk:
Vacant apartments or rooms in shared flats are usually advertised on the internet, e.g. on
There is also a number of apartment placement agencies that can help you find a room or flat relatively quickly, but please note that there may be a fee involved:

  • Insurance

Health insurance is important and mandatory in Germany, and a prerequisite for your residence permit. EU Citizens with a valid European health insurance card are covered in Germany for temporary stays. If you stay long-term, you need to exchange the card for a local health insurance provider. As an employee with a work contract, you will need to take out a statutory health insurance policy. The benefits of statutory health insurance are largely standardized while there may be differences in customer service, additional benefits, and optional premiums. The contributions are income-based (approx. 15.5% of your gross income) and are split between employer and employee. There is the option to include your spouse and children at no extra charge (Familienversicherung).

If you receive a scholarship you will need to take out a private insurance from a health insurance provider that is authorised in Germany. The International Office can help you with this.

Other useful insurance policies may be (third party) liability insurance, which insures you for damage caused to third parties, and household contents insurance, which insures your personal belongings (furniture, jewelry, electronic devices, clothes, etc.) against fire, storms, theft and vandalism. If you wish to have such insurance coverage, you need to procure this insurance privately.

  • Medical Care

You can contact the International Office if you need help making an appointment. In case of a medical emergency, please contact the emergency service located at the University Hospital, house 28, ground floor. All other hospitals in Dresden also have emergency rooms that are open round the clock. Please do not forget to bring your health insurance card with you.

  • Culture and Leisure

Dresden is a city of art and culture. You will find a great variety of art galleries, museums, theaters, cinemas, exhibitions, and much more. For more information please check The TU Dresden Cultural Office offers cultural events for English-speaking students and employees.

  • Language Courses

The International Office regularly organizes in-house German classes for different levels. Please contact us for details. In addition, there are several institutes in Dresden that offer language courses, e.g.,,

  • Before / After your Arrival

To prepare for your stay in Germany, the International Office has compiled the Checklist "Arriving in Dresden". Most importantly, you need to obtain a visa and find accommodation. Also, you should make sure that your passport is valid for (ideally) the entire period of your stay. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please also have a look at where you can find some useful information for your first steps in Germany.

  • Leaving Germany

When you are leaving Germany, please note that there are several documents that you will have to need to cancel. Do this early enough to save yourself administrative and financial burdens. The Checklist "Leaving Dresden" will guide you.