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Osteoimmunology - Annette Garbe

To understand the regulation of skeletal remodelling in health and disease and furthermore to determine how the bone microenvironment influences hematopoiesis, which is central to the development of therapeutic strategies for bone marrow transplantation as well as for the treatment of bone disorders, our group has a focus on the crosstalk between the bone microenvironment and the skeletal and immune system.

Previous and current research

Our previous work addressed the interplay of cell signaling pathways during lymphoid development in the thymus (αβ vs. γδ T lineage decision), as well as the developmental plasticity of bone marrow derived precursor cells (Garbe et al., 2006; Kreslavsky et al., 2008; Krueger et al., 2006). Our recent studies also include the skeletal system and with this focus on the interaction of bone and immune system. more

Future projects and goals

  • Crosstalk between bone microenvironment and the skeletal and immune system, including Foxp3+ regulatory T cells and γδ T cells as well as inflammatory processes such as rheumatoid arthritis
  • Role of osteoclasts/osteoblasts and SWAP-70 (collaboration with Rolf Jessberger) in hematopoietic homeostasis and in myeloid/lymphoid differentiation.

Group leader

Selected publications

Dohnke S, Schreiber M, Schallenberg S, Simonetti M, Fischer L, Garbe AI, Chatzigeorgiou A, Kretschmer K. Approaches to discriminate naturally induced Foxp3+ Treg cells of intra- and extrathymic origin: Helios, Neuropilin-1, and Foxp3RFP/GFP. J Clin Cell Immunol. In press.

Freudenberg K, Lindner N, Dohnke S, Garbe AI, Schallenberg S, Kretschmer K. Critical Role of TGF-β and IL-2 Receptor Signaling in Foxp3 Induction by an Inhibitor of DNA Methylation. Frontiers Immunol. 2018, Feb2; 9:125.

Roscher, A, Hasegawa, T, Dohnke, S, Ocaña-Morgner, C, Amizuka, N, Jessberger, R, and Garbe, AI. The F-actin modulator SWAP-70 controls podosome patterning in osteoclasts. Bone Rep. 2016; 5, 214-221.

Riewaldt J, Düber S, Boernert M, Krey M, Dembinski M, Weiss S, Garbe AI, Kretschmer K. Severe developmental B lymphopoietic defects in Foxp3-deficient mice are refractory to adoptive Treg cell therapy. Frontiers Immunol 2012;3:141.

Garbe AI, Roscher A, Schüler C, Lutter AH, Glösmann M, Bernhardt R, Chopin M, Hempel U, Hofbauer LC, Rammelt S, Egerbacher M, Erben RG, Jessberger R. Regulation of bone mass and osteoclast function depend on the F-actin-modulator SWAP-70. J Bone Miner Res 2012 Oct;27(10):2085-96.

Kreslavsky T, Garbe AI, Krueger A, von Boehmer H. T cell receptor-instructed alphabeta versus gammadelta lineage commitment revealed by single cell analysis. J Exp Med 2008;205(5):1173-86.

Garbe AI, von Boehmer H. TCR and Notch synergize in alphabeta versus gammadelta lineage choice. Trends Immunol. 2007; 28(3):124-31.

Krueger A, Garbe AI, von Boehmer H. Phenotypic plasticity of T cell progenitors upon exposure to Notch ligands. J Exp Med. 2006;203(8):1977-84.

Garbe AI, Krueger A, Gounari F, Zúñiga-Pflücker JC, von Boehmer H. Differential Synergy of Notch and T cell receptor signaling determines alphabeta versus gammadelta lineage fate. J Exp Med 2006;203(6):1579-90.


Group Leader

Dr. Annette Garbe
Phone: +49 (0)351 458 82123

Lab Activities


  • Master Program in Regenerative Biology and Medicine, CRTD
  • Lecture Series: Organ Systems and Diseases
  • Coordination of a cross-campus Bone Seminar Series 


DFG Priority Programme SPP 1468 Osteoimmunology IMMUNOBONE