TU Dresden


Technology Platform

The research areas of the CRTD are supported by dedicated technology sub-platforms, which in part represent the research activities of independent research groups in advanced technological fields, providing know-how to other CRTD research areas on a collaborative basis. These research groups are complemented by service facilities offering cutting-edge technology and support in a cost-effective way for CRTD scientists. There are six technology sub-platforms including,

  1. Clinical and preclinical cell and tissue technology
  2. Imaging and cell analysis
  3. Biomaterials
  4. Genetics/genetic engineering and animal models
  5. High-throughput screening
  6. Bioinformatics

The CMCB Technology Platform will focus on further improving access to specific instrumentation and know-how, which is essential to support basic research and clinical application at the CRTD. Many joint facilities have been established in cooperation with CRTD partner institutions, such as the Faculty of Medicine of the TU Dresden, the Biotechnology Center (BIOTEC) and the Max-Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG).