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The global market for stem cell products, including pluripotent and reprogrammed stem cells, cell culture tools and consumables, disease model systems, and not least of all, cellualr therapeutics, is set to rise to over €100 billion by 2020.

The Center for Regenerative Therapies at the Technical University of Dresden (CRTD) will contribute to this development through its world-leading research in the area of regenerative medicine. Our mission is to translate basic scientific discoveries and know-how into marketable products and clinically relevant applications through alliances with the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries.

In addition to the core research groups at CRTD, the Biotech Campus Dresden is home to a large number of academic, clinical and industrial partners in life-sciences, including the Biotechnology Center (BIOTEC) and B CUBE, forging a hub of expertise in cell, tissue and organ regeneration, molecular genetics and bioengineering. Here you can find a detailed view of the map.

The Biotech Campus Dresden is also home to the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden, which coordinates some 400 clinical trials per year. Together with clinicians from the University Medical Faculty, we have worked on numerous translational projects with resounding success.

At CRTD we bring a range of innovative technologies and established expertise in regenerative biology to our partnerships and have a track record of successful collaborations with industry, particularly in the areas of neurodegenerative and retinal diseases, and type I diabetes. By creating tailored collaborations, we deliver deep insight into disease biology and the right tools to enhance the R&D efforts and product development of our partners.

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CRTD Technology and Expertise in Regenerative Biology

Working across scales from subcellular domains through cellular and organoid models to whole animals, including zebrafish, amphibians and rodents, our core research areas range from stem cell biology to the elucidation of disease mechanisms and drug screening of new disease models. We offer world-leading expertise in the fields of:

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