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Working with us

At CRTD we bring a range of innovative technologies and established expertise in regenerative biology to our partnerships and have a track record of successful collaborations with industry, particularly in the areas of neurodegenerative and retinal diseases, and type 1 diabetes. By creating tailored collaborations, we deliver deep insight into disease biology and the right tools to enhance the R&D efforts and product development of our partners.

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Administrative Coordination CRTD
Phone: +49 (0)351 458 82014
Email: crtd_admin_coordination[at]

Commercial Partners


Cooperation Project

CRTD Partner

Prof. Paul Czernichow

Autoantibody assays for prediagnosis of type 1 diabetes

Prof. Ezio Bonifacio

Exiqon (Denmark)
Dr. Johnathan Lai,
Dr. Peter Mouritzen

Circular DNA probes

Prof. Federico Caligari

Lead Discovery Center GmbH
Dr. Bert Klebl

Translational drug discovery

Dr. Jared Sterneckert

Novartis Pharma

Pathomechanisms and neuroprotective therapies for retinal degeneration

Dr. Mike O. Karl

PeproTech (UK / Germany)
Anna Seymour,
Dr. Bärbel Icheln

Optimization of stem cell differentiation and cultivation

Dr. Jared Sterneckert

RSR Ltd. (UK)
Prof. Bernard Rees Smith,
Dr. Mike Powell

Autoantibody assays for prediagnosis of type 1 diabetes

Prof. Ezio Bonifacio

Evotec AG (Germany)
Dr. Rainer Kuhn

Phenotypic screening of human RPE disease models

Prof. Marius Ader, Dr. Seba Almedawar

Helix Nanotechnologies, Inc. (USA)
Dr. Hannu Rajaniemi

microRNA detection in cells

Dr. Volker Busskamp

Miltenyi Biotec GmbH (Germany)
Dr. Andreas Bosio

GMP-compatible RPE, rod and cone isolation

Prof. Marius Ader

Becton Dickinson and Company
Edward J. Ludwig

Medical technology and diabetes care

Prof. Karsten Kretschmer

German Red Cross Blood Donor Programme (DRK) and the Medical Faculty Carl Gustav Carus Hospital
Prof. Torsten Tonn

GMP-grade mesenchymal stromal cell preparation for transfusion

Dr. Daniel Freund