TU Dresden

18.03.2019 News

UniStem Day 2019



At this year's International UniStem Day more than 60 interested pupils took part in the programme at the Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden (CRTD) of the TU Dresden. The diverse range of programmes is intended to spark pupils' interest in stem cell research, answer questions and provide insights into science. In a total of 15 countries, 99 universities and research institutions took part in the UniStem Day.

In the CRTD, the programme started with a small stem cell quiz in which the pupils could take part via smartphone. At the end of the day the quiz was repeated and learning effects were made visible. Various lectures on stem cells in the eye, blood, brain and bones as well as linked to diabetes completed the morning program. Afterwards the students could choose between different stations and experience stem cells. In the laboratory they got to know different stem cell types, were allowed to swing the pipette themselves and experienced the electron microscope in action. In addition to an insight into research, the programme also covered the ethics of stem cell research. For example, the students assessed unchecked stem cell therapies and where life actually begins for them.

Pictures can be found here.