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School cooperations

Since 2012, the CRTD has maintained a cooperation with the Martin-Andersen-Nexö-Gymnasium Dresden (MANOS): The CRTD complements the offers of the specialized grammar school in Dresden with current research in modern life sciences. The MANOS promotes specifically mathematically-scientifically talented and interested students with advanced lessons as well as projects, and is located in the neighborhood of the CRTD.

School trips at the CRTD

Dear Teachers,

it is important to us, to make research accessible for everyone. That´s why we host student visits for ninth graders and above. The visit schedule and materials can be coordinated together and/or individually which allows for the inclusion of relevant curriculum aspects. Please contact us and let us know the grade level, size of the group, and whether you would like to include specific elements.

We are able to offer:

  • Get to know the research fields
  • Get to know the model animals
  • Guided tours of our research institute
  • Perform little experiments
  • Hear scientific lectures
  • Introduce the job profiles
  • Introduce possible education training

The field of work of a scientist has many facets. Getting to know laboratory daily routines can be especially interesting for students who will graduate soon. In order to gain more insider knowledge, we also offer the opportunity to do little experiments and a guided tour of a laboratory. Additionally, presentations of single career fields (like post doctorate researcher, research team leader, technical assistant, or administrative employees) are available. This way, you can be informed about all of the aspects of our research institute. Depending on the students' grade level, they may have already acquired background knowledge of biology. So, it might be interesting for them to hear scientific presentations about regeneration research which includes diseases like Alzheimer's and diabetes. If you have further interest in the education opportunities at CRTD/BIOTEC, then we can introduce you to the requirements of the Master's programs "Regenerative Biology and Medicine"(CRTD), "Molecular Bioengineering"(BIOTEC), or "Nanobiophysics"(BIOTEC). Don´t hesitate to contact us. Any request will be handled individually and delt with according to our capabilities.

Franziska Clauß, M.A.
PR Officer
Tel.: +49 351 458 82065
E-Mail: franziska.clauss[at]