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Dresden International Graduate School for Biomedicine and Bioengineering (DIGS-BB)

The Dresden International Graduate School for Biomedicine and Bioengineering (DIGS-BB) is a structured PhD program by the Technische Universität Dresden. It is dedicated to first-class research and doctoral training of talented students in a wide range of interdisciplinary fields.

The DIGS-BB offers:

  • PhD positions for up to 4 years in world-class interdisciplinary research projects
  • state-of-the-art institutes and a unique infrastructure with dedicated services and facilities
  • a vibrant, collaborative, and international research community
  • a curriculum that goes beyond traditional scientific training to support both scientific and personal development
  • expert thesis supervision
  • competitive awards
  • ambitious student-driven activities
  • exceptional support for international students

We are looking for bold, highly committed, ambitious, and creative graduates who can think outside the box and work on challenging projects at the frontiers of science.

Applications are invited twice a year, the admission is highly competitive.

The DIGS-BB is part of the well-established Dresden International PhD Program under which there are two powerful partners: The DIGS-BB and the International Max Planck Research School for Cell, Developmental and Systems Biology.


Bioscience PhD students (BiPS)

PhD students in the BIOTEC/CRTD can be independently employed by a professor or a group leader. Currently, they account for almost half of all PhD students at BIOTEC/CRTD. Individuals who would like to conduct PhD studies partly on their own terms might consider applying directly to a professor for a PhD position. Collectively, all independently employed students are referred to as Bioscience PhD Students (BiPS).  BiPS students have the advantage of accessing Technische Universität Dresden, BIOTEC, and CRTD research communities, international networks, and facilities while completing a PhD. The BiPS program provides vital networking and academic guidelines that enrich the PhD experience. Much more information can be found on the BiPS-website.

Applying for a PhD Position
To obtain a PhD position at the BIOTEC/CRTD/MTZ/BCUBE you may also (the other route being DIGS-BB) send an application to the group leader(s) of the area of research that you are interested in. Please find more information on the webpages of the following institutes:


Medical Theoretical Center (MTZ)
B CUBE (Center for Molecular Bioengineering)

In general, it is best to send an e-mail (in English) directly to the group leader with a CV and a brief message indicating how you can specifically contribute to the group's projects. If a position is available, the group leader will inform you whether you need to bring an external stipend with you, or if there is any internal funding to pay for your position.

For PhD students it is not compulsory to formally register at TUD; however, it might be advisable to take advantage of the benefits of a student status (e.g. public transportation ticket). For further information about the registration, please refer to the webpage of the TUD. The student registration is limited to a period of six semesters. Please note that you have to re-register each semester.

Persons of trust

Prof. Marius Ader (BiPS und DIGS-BB)
Dr. Tatiana Sandoval-Guzmán (BiPS und DIGS-BB)
Prof. Federico Calegari (BiPS)

Ombudspersons elected by the PhD students

Good Scientific Practice at TU Dresden